High Protein Snacks

Great High Protein Snacks

High protein snacks like food bar with different types of nuts.

High Protein Snacks

Everyone gets a little tired of peanuts after a few days on a high protein diet. Peanuts are not the only portable snack that fits into a pocket, bag, or briefcase. It’s possible to carry along a variety of foods throughout the day that keep the diet rich in protein. Just about any type of nut will work well for high protein snacks. The nut bars to the right have about 5 to 10 different types of nuts and seeds in them depending on the brand. This may also be a good snack if you are doing the Caveman or Paleo diet.

Diary Product Snacks

Some dairy doesn’t travel well, but if you have access to a refrigerator a few items can keep hunger at bay. Greek yogurt contains more protein than most other types of this gut friendly treat. Along with being high in protein it’s also high in calcium. Plain Greek yogurt has less sugar and with a dab of honey or a squirt of vanilla extract this will satisfy the appetite. Cottage cheese isn’t for everyone, but it is rich with a slow-digesting protein. This protein, called casein offers a steady supply of vital amino acids for several hours. Swiss cheese is another alternative that’s easy to carry around and goes well with fruit. A small container or 2% milk or soy milk is more filling than most drinks, and is high in protein.

Meat Products

Beef Jerky High Protein Snacks

Beef Jerky High Protein Snacks

Carrying around a cut of meat isn’t going to work well for even the most determined dieter. Alternatives are a steak sandwich or a can of tuna. Both can add up to a meal’s worth of protein, in a smaller size. Not everyone is a fan of anchovies, but for lovers of this tiny fish the reward is protein packed in a salty brine. Anchovies or sardines arrive on deck with a healthy boost of Omega 3 fats and vitamin D. The best answer to needing a savory snack that’s loaded with protein is beef jerky. Beef jerky is a very portable snack and capable of satisfying the appetite for several hours.

Alternative to Peanuts

For those looking for protein, peanuts have long been the “go-to” snack. After a few days, however, they stop having the same appeal. Mix it up with a trail mix of pecans, almonds, and cashews. Throw in some dates and this offers fiber as well as protein. If nuts are too crunchy, then some peanut butter goes great with veggies or fruit.

Can’t Wait Another Second?

Before the stomach has a chance to convince the brain a candy bar is a good idea, having a protein shake or bar can also serve as good high protein snacks.