Caveman Diet

Caveman Diet – Eat Like A Caveman

The caveman diet today is a lifestyle and dietary routine that dates back to our existence on earth as hunters and gatherers. Before the onset of agriculture, the caveman depended on animal based protein and fats, vegetables and wild fruits which still act as the ideal fuel of man. Surprisingly, agriculture is less than 100 centuries old but has experienced several shades with the introduction of numerous new foods in lump sums that the body was actually not designed to process.

Caveman Diet - Paleo Diet

Caveman Diet – Paleo Diet

On the basis of micro-nutrients, the modern cavemen diet resembles that of the old age regardless of the fact that some new foods have been introduced into the list. For instance, milk contains high amounts of simple sugars such as lactose and therefore does not fit into these modern cavemen diet theme. Basically, this article gives the guidelines that even when broken further, will not doom your normal lifestyle and diet.

Caveman Diet Do’s

• Consume bold colored fruits: Eat leafy vegetables and berries that would bust a caveman’s taste buds (specifically those that can be eaten with their skin on for more fiber, nutrients and less sugar).
• Eat great sources of fat: This caveman diet allows foods like butter from grass-fed beef, eggs from chicken that roam the pasture and non-vegetable oils such as macadamia, coconut and olive.
• Aim to consume foods rich in proteins: The technique here is, if you weigh 200 pounds target at least 150 grams of protein every day. Surprisingly, you will end up eating less that you even target. Consuming foods that are sources of animal fat will mean decreasing protein intake because it’s ideally a sufficient source of protein.
• Limit your daily carbohydrate intakes to around 150 grams. However, depending on your objectives, you may fluctuate between 50-150 grams. Always be sensitive to your insulin levels and consume more or less grams of carbohydrates where necessary.
• Consume what your body can control and do it in moderation. If eating a single cookie makes you want to eat several, you may want to avoid them and instead re-calibrate yourself to non-sugary foods cravings.
• Check with your doctor to see if you may need to be taking a vitamin mineral supplement. When dieting you may lack some vitamins and minerals.
Note that the Caveman Diet is also known as the Paleo Diet.

The Don’ts of the Caveman Doctor Diet:

• Try to avoid or completely eliminate foods rich in sugar. For instance, do away with foods like bakery products, candy etc. Ideally, these have great implications on your insulin levels. Consistent adherence to the cavemen diet helps stop cravings for sweet and sugary foods.
• Avoid cereals, grains; breads, oats, pastas and wheat. Grains have high levels of simple sugars and are therefore no different from eating foods rich in sugar.
• Avoid processed foods like margarine as well as processed vegetable oils. These are franked foods that our bodies do not even recognize.
• Avoid regular consumption of legumes like peanuts and beans. They have high amounts of food sources that have stress and allergy effects on the body. Instead, animal sources of protein are very beneficial.
• Dairy fat is no difference to legumes. Milk contains lactose (sugar) while skim milk does not contain healthy fats. However, heavy cream and cheese are great sources of fat without lactose. They have cancer-fighting capabilities and are general healthy promoting components.

It’s Ok To Cheat A Little

Caveman Diet And CBD Oil

Caveman Diet Of Meat And Fruit

Finally, having a cheat food or meal here and there is not a bad idea. You are most definitely watching your diet if you keep wondering whether or not you should add sugar to your coffee, eat a dessert once a week or so. Your health means happiness and there is no greater and valuable thing that. After all, we are all trying the cavemen diet and the likes because we want to achieve a healthy mind and body. It does not matter whether or not the results are immediate as long as there is some effort-Rome wasn’t built in a day!

CBD Oil And The Caveman Diet

Integrating CBD oil with Caveman Paleo foods comes from the inspiration to find a much better road to health through nature. Mixing Paleo foods with CBD oil products may indicate quicker recovery from injuries, improved body care, and a reliance on natural treatments. This is something the cavemen would have most likely went for.