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Animals and Camping Like A Caveman

Chicken Taste Great Over An Open Camp Fire

Chicken Taste Great Over An Open Camp Fire

One of the best parts about camping is being able to see animals in their natural habitat. National and state parks have been setup to help preserve nature and animals that are threatened by modern civilization. Camping is now the only way to see many species of wildlife and taking time to watch the animals can be a fun part of your camping trip. The best way to living like a caveman. The animals you see were probably part of the caveman’s diet.

Research About Camping

Before you leave for your camping trip you’ll want to do some research. Find out what type of animals are going to be in the area that you’re camping. Make sure you know what animals may present a danger to you or your family. Also find out if carrying a firearm is allowed where you will be camping. If so, be sure to bring one. If any animal appears to be threatening you or your family a shot in the air will typically scare them away. If they do not scare away you may have to shoot to kill. Bear was a very popular animal that the early caveman would eat along with dear, squirrel, beaver and other rodents. Certain seasons also present unique opportunities to observe animals such as during migrations. If you do have to kill and animal try to report it to the park ranger or game warden. killing animals out of season or without a license can carry heavy fines.

Animals And Camping Go Hand In Hand

Read up on the animals that you are likely to see and if bringing kids be sure to educate them about the different animals. Camping can be not only fun, but educational as well. You’ll also want to make sure and get a nice set of binoculars to bring with you. If you are prepared, your camping trip can be a great educational opportunity to see animals in the wild. You will find that animals and camping go hand in hand.

Once you are on your camping trip it’s time to see what there is to see. Be smart when choosing where and when to look for animals. Refer back to the research you did before leaving for your camping trip. Animals are more likely to be active during the cooler parts of the day. Sources of water are a great place to find some animals stopping for a drink. Remember to be safe and not approach any animals, this is why you brought binoculars. While camping you want to make sure that your presence makes as little impact on nature as possible and that includes not interfering with the animals. Above all you should never try and feed any wild animals that you find while camping. If you see an animal that is hurt, don’t try and approach it. Instead, let a park ranger know about the injured animal.

Your job is to be a silent observer. Patience will also be key while watching for animals. Just when you’re ready to go is usually when a rare bird or lovely family of deer will emerge. If you are with children make sure they understand that they need to be quiet in order for the animals to come out. Also make sure they understand that they shouldn’t try to pet the animals.

Nature is full of many wonderful things and camping is all about experiencing them. For a kid it can be exhilarating to see a wild deer for the first time, or even a wild rabbit. It’s even more fun to search out beavers, porcupines, and other less seen animals while camping. As long as you’re patient, informed, and safe, animal watching can be a fun activity for your next camping trip.

The Original Caveman Diet

These same animals were part of the caveman’s diet. They would eat just about anything they could find. Meat, berries, nuts, fruit and other wild plants. A modern day diet is named after this style the caveman started thousands of years ago. They ate no processed food and ate only what was in season. They had no way to preserve food so they would only have what they caught or picked within a day or two window.

Why Choose This Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet Tips For Weight Loss

Paleo Diet Tips

Paleo Diet, or Paleolithic Diet, has been making waves in the diet market. Many are interested to try this because of its weight loss advantage and natural eating scheme. Cookbooks and recipes that revolve around this diet have garnered the attention of people, not to mention the varied celebrity endorsements and effective testimonials.

The diet department is already a saturated market today. There are already notable ones who have established certain credibility through the years, like the Atkins and South Beach Diet. With that said, why choose Paleo Diet over the others? What are its advantages over the others?

Facts About The Paleo Diet

Here are some notable facts:

– Paleo Diet is natural – Paleo Diet encourages natural and organic types of food. As much as possible processed and fastfoods must be avoided to make this diet work. Based on how our ancestors ate during the Stone Age, Paleo Diet follows the concept of eating food that was gathered or hunted. Meats, fruits, nuts and vegetables are the ones on the top of the food chain. Junkfoods and food with high levels of preservatives and salts must be reduced if not eliminated from our meals.

– Paleo Diet is healthier – Since Paleo Diet is more geared towards natural food intake, it is expected that we would be able to obtain more vitamins and nutrients from it. Raw fruits and vegetables are highly encouraged and also half cooked meats as well. This guarantees that the much needed protein and vitamin contents of our food are not tampered even during the whole preparation stage.

– Paleo Diet is cheaper – Paleo Diet is way cheaper as compared to other diet regimens in the market today. You don’t even need to fill your refrigerator with fancy food and ingredients, nor would you need to remove food from the freezer either. You don’t even need to alter your food choices. There are already existing recipes in the market that are tailored to fit the Paleo Diet. It involves meat and vegetables that can easily be done in the comfort of our kitchen. Cooking on our own is highly encouraged since you would be able oversee the food preparation.


With these and more, there is no denying that a lot of people are hooked on to the Paleo Diet. It may not be as strict as the other ones on the market, however it is highly effective and efficient.

Natural Diet

Natural Weight Loss Diet

Lose those Pounds with a Natural Weight Loss diet!

A natural weight loss diet is the best diet that you can use. There is no worry of harming yourself with potentially dangerous substances; you will feel great; and the possible amount of weight that you can lose is incredible. Anyone can enjoy a natural diet and watch the pounds melt away.

Although doing things the natural way can take a bit longer to show results, the benefits that come along with it certainly make up for this time. Besides, going ‘natural’ won’t add too much longer to the plan. Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and reinvigorated each and every morning. Imagine having no desire to drink sugary sodas and eat unhealthy foods. All of these things and more can be achieved through a natural diet.

Start Your Natural Diet

To start your natural diet, you are going to have to clear out the pantry and the refrigerator. You do not want any temptations around you, especially when the first changes begin. Replace the foods that you would normally eat with fresh fruits and vegetables. The more colorful the selection the better. You also want to add lean meats to your menu. Protein is very important to obtain while you are dieting.

Some of the best foods for dieters include:
• Apples
• Pomegranate
• Oranges
• Bananas
• Carrots
• Cinnamon (Studies suggest that cinnamon can control hunger levels, control blood sugar and more)
• Water
• Green Tea
• Cucumbers
• Lettuce
• Cabbage
• Flaxseed
• Fish
• Lean Chicken
• Turkey
• Grapefruit
• Berries (Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries – they’re all good for you)

Foods You Can Eat

These are just some of the many foods that you can enjoy on your diet. You can eat these foods raw, which is highly recommended, or cooked. Remember to avoid the salt and pepper and other seasonings to keep your meal its healthiest. It is important to avoid alcohol, soda, and red meat when you are trying to lose weight.

In addition to eating the right foods, make sure that you get plenty of physical activity on a daily basis. The more active you are, the easier it will be to burn those calories and shed the pounds. A natural weight loss diet is perfect for you!