Benefits Of Protein

The Real Benefits of Protein

Making a change to a healthier diet is always a good idea. Where you can make a mistake is missing out on the benefits of protein. Red meat is where many see their highest intake of protein and some essential vitamins. Many other foods also contain high levels of protein one of them is beef, buffalo, turkey and chicken jerky.

The Multiple Functions of Protein

Every living organism shares this requirement. Without this particular nutrient to catalyze metabolic reactions, replicate DNA, and transport molecules from one location to another any living thing from an amoeba to an elephant would cease to exist. For this reason you find at least a little protein in most organic foods from raw fruits to choice cuts of beef.

The Role of Protein in Your Body

Because of the functions, protein molecules play in the human body, when you don’t have enough you will feel tired. You will not make muscle tissue as quickly and your existing muscle will begin to look “flabby” and loose. When you’re injured with a cut, bruise or muscle tissue pull it will take longer to heal. Human hair is also made up of protein. When the body doesn’t receive enough of this nutrient the hair will start to grow more slowly, become brittle, and fall out. Joints become achy and stiff because the body is having trouble repairing itself.

All functions of the body are affected. The skin, not having the building blocks of cells will become dry, and scar easily. Edema or a collection of fluid under the skin is common in those not eating enough protein. Ridges form in the nails. The mind becomes confused and concentration becomes more difficult. The body will attempt to signal its true needs repeatedly. Anyone going without enough of this one nutrient will continue to feel hungry, no matter how many empty calorie foods they eat. While it’s conceivable to go without some protein for a period of time, it’s clearly not possible to sustain a healthy body without it.

Look and Feel Better with Protein

The skin and hair receiving the right amount of protein will recover quickly from numerous problems. Fingernails grow faster, and have fewer imperfects. The mind is able to function better, and emotions are easier to control even under stress. Muscle tissue heals and develops much faster. The body sends fewer signals of hunger making weight loss less stressful. Not only will you feel better having a sufficient amount of protein, the benefits also include looking as good as you feel.

Benefits Of High Protein Beef Jerky

Benefits Of Protein